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Thank you for visiting our homepage.

YunamOptics, Inc. is a leading company that makes optical design, and poducts of optical systems and components in Korea. Our company established as Yunam- Hightech in 1987.

Our company takes a pride in making a great contribution to Korea's optics industry by developing various optical parts & systems and finally succeeding in home appliance.

We are the first company that has succeeded in the home appliance of optical engine module, the main part of Projection T.V. We changed our company name to YunamOptics, Inc. in the sense that we will undergo a complete change and prepare for new take-off.

We produce optical products for display, lithography equipment of semiconductor, IT moudle and medical use etc. We sincerely attribute our success to our shareholders and hope to receive your continuing support and encouragement in the future as well.

We will reciprocate your support by providing the best quality products and services to our clients and creating the highest value for our shareholders.

Thank you.
CEO Moon, Je Youn
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