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Lens are the optical components that create an image of object by reflecting or emitting a transmitted light.There are two types of lens :sphere and non-sphere.There are known to be 200 types of materials on the earth that can be used as lens with each different refractive index and dispersion index.


Generally, there are two types of prism: Reflection and Dispersion. Right-angled prism, roof type prism, pigeon type prism and pentagon type prism are all reflection type prisms.If a light with various wave lengths is transmitted, the dispersion prism will disperse it by each wave length through refraction and dispersion.


1. Mirror : Mirror has either a flat surface(in order to have various reflectivity) or a bended surface.The reflected side is coated with metal such as silver or aluminum that determines an actual reflectivity or an electric substance such as MAXBRite.

2. Window : When a light emitted from a source of light passes through different environments, window is used to make sure that the light maintains its initial condition and is not affected by each environment¡¯s temperature, pressure, chemical components and status.There are sapphire, synthetic fused silica and BK7 optical glass.
Coating is needed to adjust reflectivity or transmissivity on optical material surface.At present, most optical parts are thin-filmed and are being used in various areas.

When lights are emitted from various areas, a filter(an optical component) is used to filter those lights with a particular wave or a particular number of vibrations without much affecting other components.


1. Gimbal mount : Gimbal mount is an optical installing equipment that can adjust two axis of rotation that are either right-angled or crossed.
2. Kinematic mount : Kenematic mount is an optical installing equipment that can control all 6 free degrees that lens can independently possesses.
3. Lens mount : Lens mount is a metal tube that helps the optical components of lens to be properly maintained. Some lens can be installed on metal cell.

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